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Jadwal Liga Spanyol Siaran Langsung TV | Agen Bola

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Jadwal Liga Spanyol Siaran Langsung TV 2012/2013

Spanish League Schedule Sunday, December 16, 2012

02:00 pm Granada vs. Real Sociedad

4:00 PM Sevilla VS Málaga (Live Trans 7)

18:00 pm Real Zaragoza vs. Levante

23:00 AM Valencia VS Rayo Vallecano (Live Trans 7)

Spanish League Schedule Monday, December 17, 2012

01:00 pm Real Madrid VS Espanyol (Live Trans TV)

03:00 PM Barcelona VS Atletico Madrid (Live Trans TV)

Spanish league schedule Tuesday, December 18, 2012

02:00 pm Deportivo La Coruña VS Real Valladolid

03:30 pm Celta de Vigo vs. Real Betis

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Spanish La Liga is one of the best competition in the world after English Premier League Competition. Spain these days is known as the center of world football following the extraordinary achievements of the Spanish national team managed to win three major tournaments in a row. At club level, the Spanish also posted an outstanding record in the competition in which the 2011/2012 yesterday old team made it into the semi-finals of the Spanish league and All Spanish Final chamions also occur in the Europa League. Spanish domination was no doubt it happens simply not without cause. But as good as the Spanish league that houses the country's main competition in the matador.

Spanish League Schedule

Spanish League season 2012/2013 is expected to be more exciting than the previous season, this happens because of the reforms undertaken in the squad this season due to the tight regulations imposed both from the football governing body UEFA and the Spanish themselves. nevertheless, remain the two great champions Real Madrid and Barcelona are still favored to again rule the best competition in the country this matador. Spanish League Schedule has also been created and has been determined that the television broadcasting rights for the Transcorp namely Indonesia Trans TV and Trans 7. The Spanish league schedule this week will play are as follows:

That's the Spanish league schedule that we provide as complete as possible, Schedule and Live Broadcast on TV can be changed at any time without prior notice. But we are always working to provide the best information possible tuk. Agen Bola

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